• House Haller


      A world-ranking educational institution came into being in Hamburg. In eight buildings near the Außenalster internationally renowned scientists will do research on current topics and continue to learn together. Their findings will be shared with the public in an auditorium.
      Haller House was the first of these buildings to be completed and already houses scientists and researchers. We illuminated this heritage building with great restraint yet strong accentuation of its architectural structure. One special feature is the staircase lighting. It consists of an arrangement of simple balls of light that are fitted with special LED boards to deliver long-term, high-quality light. Close cooperation with the aspiring and detail-oriented interior designer, Ms. Klatten, made this degree of quality possible.

      Building type
      Cul­ture, Mon­u­ment
      Europe, Germany, Hamburg
      Project time frame
      2020 — 2023
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