• UAE Pavilion EXPO 2020


      As the host, the UAE's pavilion is one of the main buildings at the EXPO and one of great significance.
      The design is inspired by a falcon with upward soaring wings, which are fitted with photovoltaics. During the day they are closed and the solar cells tilt toward the sky and at night they open up and display illuminated inner surfaces.
      The entire pavilion is monochrome white and is given structure through light. The free-form ceiling of the vast interior is made legible by the double-curved lines of light and captures the iconographic character of the interior space.
      The adjoining rooms are very complex ranging from underground parking garages, VVIP rooms and underground entrances to a tunnel connecting the pavilion directly with the Royal Pavilion. Not only did the lighting designers illuminate the interior spaces, but also the building's exterior, the gardens and all of the adjacent areas. The details for the installation were extraordinarily intricate and the highest priority was placed on the invisibility of the luminaires.
      Santiago Calatrava wanted only light and structure without any lighting fixtures whatsoever.

      Building type
      Asia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
      Project time frame
      2016 — 2021
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