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How are atmosphere and wellbeing created?

Light belongs to the most important factors that produce an atmosphere and a sense of wellbeing. We design the lighting in its interaction with spatial geometry, the materials and people's needs.

The Atmosphere at Krallerhof in Leogang, Austria, is one of an extraordinary spa in the middle of a mountain landscape. Our lighting design produces a very special mood in the evenings as the light transitions from a wildlife pond in the landscape to the terrace and into the organically curved wellness center.

Lufthansa's Airbus A-350 was the first passenger aircraft worldwide in which the natural progression of daylight served as the model for the illumination of the cabin. Various lighting scenarios with different light colors and harmonious sequences of brightness work to support the biorhythms of the airline passengers on long-distance flights. It is the first airplane cabin lighting design to address the problem of jetlag. The light settings are activated depending on flight direction and time of day so that the light helps to create feelings of wellbeing at the destination.

We also apply our expertise to the effects of light on human wellbeing in the work environment. Daylight plays a central role here. For example, we documented our lighting design at a Headquarters in Paris for the WELL Standard.

The Raiffeisen Bridge in Neuwied is a six-lane traffic hub over the Rhine River. New space for active public use was created after relandscaping the areas under the bridge, Brückenareal Neuwied. Light capitals on the bridge pylons provide for an attractive and safe environment. This area is now being used intensively for the first time and has become a public space within the town.

Amidst an exceptional natural setting on the Baltic sea coast, the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm extends its hospitality of the highest order. The gentle lighting on the facades respects the dark nocturnal atmosphere of the seaside and makes the buildings appear as if bathed in moonlight.

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