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How do we use the sun as a sustainable light source?

The sun is the source of natural light. We use its great potential inside buildings and outside, which enables us to implement lighting systems that can hardly be beat in terms of quality and sustainability.

Over the decades we have become experts in natural light. With the increase in climate-friendly construction designs, the projects we work on involving natural lighting have become noticeably more. What potential there is later on for natural lighting is decided by the basic factors of a building's location, position, structure and orientation.

All of the documentation important today for ecological, healthy and sustainable construction takes natural light into account. We do more than just calculate the numbers, we also consult and advise extensively on all standards and certifications (e.g., LEED, DGBN, WELL).

In the urban space, we analyze heights and forms of buildings and distances to neighboring structures, which also affect the open areas in the city. Depending on the climate zone, the shadows, sunshine and brightness permitted by a building's structure should match its use. Also important is the analysis of any openings up toward the sky.

Skylights create a highly efficient light source. The optimal form is created when daylight expertise and architecture come together.

Increasingly, plants are being included in the interior and exterior design of buildings. They require special light conditions, which we analyze based on location and dynamically over the course of the year.

We also master special tasks such as the redirection of sunlight. By means of heliostats, we bring daylight specifically into poorly lit rooms and thus enable, for example, natural vegetation even in an otherwise constantly shaded courtyard.

We achieve the balance between the greatest amount of daylight possible and levels of thermal and visual comfort by assessing all of the aspects.

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