How do we learn?

Each construction project requires us to see into the future. We can do this successfully by continually updating and expanding our knowledge.

For us, the transfer of knowledge begins at our firm. We are a diverse, international and interdisciplinary team with different academic backgrounds and cultural experiences. This diversity represents great potential for us.

Our unity comes from a shared understanding of lighting design and quality, while at the same time, each person has specific expertise that is available to the entire team. Bringing all of this knowledge and proficiency together, thereby increasing it, happens best in our collaborative way of working. Mutual assistance is for us the basis for consistent quality.

The project teams, consisting of six members at the most, are selected so that direct communication can take place optimally within the team and each construction project can be accomplished. We also encourage communication between the project teams. Our "project of the week" has a long tradition in which a team member presents special aspects of a current project, innovations in lighting design, a new tool, or a topic concerning our quality management and then opens it up for subsequent discussion. We augment this with intense internal training sessions.

We make deliberate efforts to improve our knowledge and skills when on excursions or attending professional fairs and events. External technical training and language courses represent additional opportunities, depending on each individual's needs.