Apassionata Showpalace

The Apassionata Show Palace in Munich is the first element of the new leisure attraction, the Apassionata Park. The Show Palace distinguishes itself with its forceful architectural language that impressively translates the theme of equine adventure into built structures. Light serves as a central component of architectural expression. We were responsible for the facade lighting and the illumination of the foyer with a dynamic lighting installation. 

Building type
Culture, Sport, System Development
Europe, Germany, Munich
Project time frame
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© SHOWPALAST MÜNCHEN I Fotograf: Stefan Müller-Naumann mit Genehmigung der APASSIONATA Park München GmbH & Co.KG

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    • DFB-Academy


      The German Football Association (DFB) is Germany's largest athletic association. But it did not have a national training center. Which makes the DFB Academy a highly unique project–a new kind of space meant to bring together people of all ages and athletic abilities.
      The architects use a large boulevard to connect the large complex of offices, playing fields, restaurants, fitness and hotel rooms.
      The concept for the lighting design is based on the idea of an outside boulevard. The colors for the ceiling areas were chosen by us to be in two different blue tones without any lighting fixtures mounted in this "sky," the illumination of which is of central importance to create the illusion of light from above all the way down into the darkest areas.
      The lighting on the city boulevard below it is animated and varied making the 230-meter-long route a diverting and entertaining one.
      We designed a six-meter-high tree made of lights to serve as the central feature on the market square. It is constructed out of high jumping poles and consciously symbolizes a niche sport in the DFB.

      Building type
      Cul­ture, Health, Ho­tel, Sys­tem De­vel­op­ment, Sport
      Europe, Germany, Frankfurt am Main
      Project time frame
      2017 — 2022